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  • Introducing the UcompOS Rich Productivity Framework

    UcompOS Portal SampleThe UcompOS Rich Productivity Framework lets you build Rich Portal Applications that target the web browser as well as the desktop.

    Using an SDK, developers can build UcompOS Applications that run inside or alongside the UcompOS Portal.

    UcompOS Applications can be authored in HTML/JavaScript, Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex/Flash Builder, and can even run on the desktop targeting the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR).

    This blog is dedicated to helping developers interested in building Rich Portal Applications with the UcompOS Rich Productivity Framework get started and unleash the full power of the framework to build highly engaging and interactive user experiences.

    Edward Mansouri is the developer of the UcompOS Rich Productivity Framework.

    Says Mansouri, "My philosophy is that while the framework doesn't make the application great, the application can only be as strong as the framework it's built upon."

    To get the blog started off on the right foot, he has debuted this site with over an hour of Video Tutorials that should provide some important initial background on the mechanics of the UcompOS Rich Productivity Framework.

    There are also a number of other resources in place including ActionScript 3 and JavaScript API documentation for the UcompOS SDK, a Wiki, and an interactive Forum.

    To get started, we recommend you spend a little bit of time reviewing some of the Video Tutorials we have put in place that walk you through the most basic mechanics of the UcompOS Rich Productivity Framework. Then use the UcompOS Forum to bring forward questions, ideas, and insight. If you do start developing, please let us know of any Bugs you find.